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Workers’ Compensation Procedural Regulations Can Be Complex

The workers’ compensation process can be daunting even to experienced attorneys, particularly for attorneys whose practice does not regularly focus on workers’ compensation cases. At Pizzonia Law, LLC, we believe in the collaborative process when it comes to getting injured workers the optimal compensation for their medical treatment and lost wages.

For nearly 10 years, our law firm has been one of a few firms in the state providing workers’ compensation services. Successfully providing client-centric representation for individuals suffering injuries related to their work, we understand the nuances New Mexico’s workers’ comp statutes and the state’s Workers’ Compensation Administration rules.

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Simplifying and Increasing the Value of your Personal Injury Case by Solving the Worker’s Compensation System for you

We have in-depth experience of how workers’ comp cases in New Mexico are governed. We use this knowledge to achieve our goal of getting our clients the maximum compensation for their injuries. We can work with your firm to get the best results for your client. Contact us to get the answers you need to expedite your client’s case.

A Workers’ Compensation attorney at our firm will make your representation in the personal injury case easier including:

  • Handling the complex calculations of the Insurer’s Subrogation (Right of Reimbursement)
  • Negotiating a better resolution of the Employer/Insurer’s subrogation interests or trying that issue in front of a Worker’s Compensation Judge;
  • Obtaining medical experts and testimony that is invaluable to your PI case;
  • Getting the injured party the appropriate medical evaluation and treatment.

Contact Us Today For Proven Guidance To Streamline The Process

We welcome lawyer referrals because we know that attorney cooperation means those suffering injuries in our community will readily benefit. Working together may not make every client whole, but we will endeavor to facilitate the process for our clients to get the best possible results.

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