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Providing Skilled Representation In Slip-And-Fall Cases

Slipping on an unmarked puddle at work might seem like a minor inconvenience, but the results of something so quick can last a lifetime. That bruise on your hip could be a broken bone. Your pounding headache could be a sign of more severe damage. While a quick slip is a common personal injury, it should not be overlooked. There are many serious injuries that someone can get from a fall, including:

  • Soft tissue injury
  • Head injury
  • Cuts and abrasions
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones

While some injuries can be seen immediately following an accident, soft tissue and head injuries are easily missed by the untrained eye and can take weeks to be recognized by the victim. Neglecting soft tissue injuries can result in chronic pain for life. Neglected head injuries can even become fatal.

We Will Help You Get The Compensation You Deserve

The legal team at Pizzonia Law, LLC, understands how personal injury cases are tried in New Mexico. We know how important even minor incidents can really be. By joining your team, you and your recovery become our number one priority. We will work with you and those responsible to settle your accident outside of court. If negotiation for an optimal settlement cannot be reached, we are prepared to take your case to trial to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Don’t Wait For Things To Get Worse, Talk To Us

Not knowing when you will suffer from an unplanned accident puts you in a bad position right from the start, and rarely leaves you prepared for what comes next. Do you have enough savings to cover the cost of recovery on your own? Can you manage without receiving your full wages for several weeks during a recovery? We know how hard things become after an injury, and we know how to best equip yourself with what you need to thrive in a stressful time. If you were in a slip-and-fall accident at work, call our office in Albuquerque at 505-445-2109 for a free consultation with a lawyer. You can also tell us briefly about your accident using our online form.