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Are You Disabled Because Of A Repetitive Strain Injury?

If you have been working at your job for many years and have been doing the same physical tasks every day, you may end up with a repetitive strain injury. Workers required to type at a keyboard daily have sometimes been diagnosed with repetitive strain injury to the tendons in their hands known as carpal tunnel syndrome. The chronic pain and stiffness from these types of injuries can make it impossible for workers to continue doing the tasks they are paid to do.

Repetitive strain injuries can injure any part of a worker’s body, depending on the type of work they do. After years of heavy lifting, a worker may experience chronic back or shoulder pain. Chronic pain or injuries can be made worse by pre-existing vascular disease, diabetes, or insomnia.

When chronic pain lasting over three to six months makes it hard to do your job, you may have to work reduced hours — or not at all — if your chronic injury causes long-term disabilities. If your workplace injury has become disabling and you cannot continue doing the tasks your job requires, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits..

Determining if your chronic injuries are serious enough for workers’ compensation in New Mexico can be confusing without the help of a qualified workers’ comp attorney. At Pizzonia Law, LLC, we have been helping workers with chronic workplace injuries get the maximum compensation for nearly 10 years. Call us in Albuquerque at 505-445-2109 for a free consultation to talk about your options.

Chronic Injuries Can Become More Painful Over Time

If your doctor tells you that your chronic injury is due to conditions related to the tasks you perform at your job or exposure to the conditions within your work environment, let your employer know right away.

Before your conditions worsen over time, your employer should let you know whether they will select an authorized health care provider, or if they will let you choose your own for the treatment you need. The health care provider should bill your employer’s insurer, not your health insurance plan for services provided to you.

Your ability to perform your work tasks properly can affect you emotionally as well. Be sure to report all of your stress, including depression and anxiety, you have due to your chronic injury.

Get A Seasoned Attorney When You Are Suffering A Chronic Workplace Injury

When your workplace conditions have caused chronic pain and injury, get the knowledgeable help you need. Contact Pizzonia Law, LLC, to speak with a compassionate and experienced lawyer who knows the workers’ compensation system thoroughly. You may email us or call us at 505-445-2109 for a free consultation.