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Give Yourself The Defense You Need

Personal injury issues can often feel overwhelming. Not only are you or your loved one facing recovery from a serious injury, but you’re also expected to understand what’s at stake and deal with the insurance company or negligent party at the same time. Many in Albuquerque (and throughout New Mexico) end up accepting a subpar settlement because they are simply too overwhelmed.

Pizzonia Law, LLC, is a team of experienced professionals who are prepared to negotiate for you or take your case to trial so that you receive the compensation you deserve. If you have experienced any kind of slip-and-fall, truck accident, car accident at work or an injury due to someone else’s negligence at work, don’t let those responsible get away without paying proper compensation. Not only do you deserve to receive the best recovery possible, but you also deserve to have a dedicated lawyer at your side. You need a lawyer ready to guide you through the fight to come and provide you with the best possible outcome.

Don’t Let The Negligence Of Someone Else Keep You Down

Our legal team knows how difficult it can be to recover from permanent, severe or catastrophic injuries. We will connect with you personally to make sure we get all the facts about your accident to deliver you the best outcome that you need to recover properly. Let us help you recover from any of the following accidents:

Put Your Mind At Ease Today

The results of a personal injury do not end at the scene of the car accident during work. If you or someone you love has been seriously hurt as a result of the reckless behavior of someone else, you should not be saddled with the cost of your recovery. While a slip-and-fall at your local grocery store might not seem so bad right away, a hairline fracture is hard to notice without the help of a doctor. The idea of pursuing money damages for your injury can seem frightening. You don’t have to go it alone. Contact our office in Albuquerque today by calling 505-445-2109 for a free consultation with an experienced New Mexico personal injury attorney.