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3 common workers’ compensation questions

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Most employees are familiar with workers’ compensation, but they do not always understand what it means to file for and receive benefits. You should learn the basics about what workers’ compensation means for you to avoid costly mistakes.

Here are a few common questions employees ask about workers’ compensation.

1. Do you have to see the doctor your employer sends you to?

If your employer asks you to get an independent medical examination and provides you with the name of a doctor, you need to make the appointment and go through with the evaluation. This doctor works for your employer’s insurance company but should evaluate your condition carefully.

2. Can you get accommodations to return to work?

If you receive workers’ compensation benefits and have recovered enough that you could return to work with some accommodations, your employer has an obligation to work with you. Reach out to your employer to discuss the accommodations and develop a plan for your return to work.

3. What can you do if your employer is treating you differently?

Employers can not treat you differently after you file a workers’ compensation claim. That includes retaliation such as demotion or termination. If something changed in your relationship with your employer since your injury, you can often seek restitution for retaliation.

Understanding workers’ compensation laws will make it easier for you to protect your legal rights if you suffer an injury at work. Do not risk losing out on benefits that you deserve for your injury simply because you are ill-informed.