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Can I quit my job while on workers’ compensation?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Suffering an injury at your workplace can change your life in a number of significant ways. Not only might you be out of work for some time due to your injury, but you might also come to the conclusion that your workplace is not safe or that your employer is maliciously intolerant of workers who utilize their workers’ compensation benefits.

These types of revelations might give you cause to consider quitting your job as soon as possible. This raises the question, though, of whether or not you can or should quit your job while on workers’ compensation.

Can I receive workers’ comp benefits if I quit my job?

Your workers’ compensation benefits likely include two types of compensation owed to you when you suffer a workplace injury. The first type is your medical benefit, which the insurer provides as coverage for the cost of treatment that you must undergo as a result of your injury. The other is your indemnity benefit received as compensation for lost wages, which you may not be eligible for if you are no longer an employee due to resigning from your job.

When should I quit my job after receiving an injury?

If you intend to quit your job after suffering an injury, the ideal time to do so is after receiving the benefits you deserve or when you have a much better job waiting in the wings. Always wait until your doctor says that your treatment is complete before going back to work or taking any other action.

You always have the option to quit your job whenever you would like, but waiting until the right moment can be beneficial. Consider seeking more in-depth counsel regarding your unique situation before making the decision of whether or not to quit.